business hours: wed to fri 3-7pm, sat & sun 11am to 6pm. mon & tues closed.
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Bunso Breads started business in October 2013 in Dublin, California and is registered as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). It is permitted to operate in a home kitchen under the California Cottage Food Operations (CFO), Class A. After two years, Bunso Breads upgraded to Class B allowing direct and indirect selling. We will channel sales through local stores and restaurants.   

Our clients pick-up their  bread orders from our home bakery located at 2807 Alliston Loop, Dublin, California. We are very close to the San Francisco Premium Outlets in Livermore (1.5 mi) so our Home Bakery would be a great side trip when you do your shopping at the outlet.

Bunso Breads will continue to expand its business to become visible to Filipino communities in the Bay Area.