business hours: wed to fri 3-7pm, sat & sun 11am to 6pm. mon & tues closed.
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the company

Bunso Breads is the only Filipino home bakery in Dublin, California.  It is registered as LLC and permitted to operate under the California Cottage Food Operations (CFO), Class B.
Rina Cajayon owns Bunso Breads and is the person behind all of the delicious breads.  She specializes in Filipino breads which is greatly influenced being born and raised in the Philippines where bread is present in every breakfast and meals in between.  Rina comes from a family of eight where almost every month of the year there is either a birthday to celebrate along with the other special occasions and holiday celebration. She is the youngest (Bunso) of six siblings.  Her love of cooking comes from her mother who would always put up a feast during any gatherings.  Food has always been a big part of getting the family and friends together in their home.

Rina’s love of cooking and baking progressed as a career in the U.S. Army.  She started as a Food Service Specialist and currently a Warrant Officer as a Food Advisor.  Rina complemented her cooking and baking skills with formal education and graduated (top of her class) with an Associates Degrees in Culinary Arts and Advanced Baking from the University of Hawaii, Maui. She also worked as a Baker for five years at Four Seasons Hotel in Maui and in Washington, DC.

Rina’s mix of her passion, her education, her experience and her hard work made her dream of having her own bakery into a reality now called BUNSO BREADS.